OVERALL Thought On Final Videos

Starting with the island,  I think it was done well and it came out nicely seeing as the responses were overwhelming. Aaron the main character did a good job, me and max edited well and tension was building in hilarity. There were references to pineapples everywhere which was funny and on the spot. I dont really have any complaints on how it came out except I find the Golum mask was random and might have been unnecessary in retrospect.


    For Nudie, I have some things to say. It is a personal video which is why its hard for me to look at some scenes. Everything looked real and felt nice in editing, the response for it was very overwhelming, i got calls from everybody telling me they cried. If i had to go back and do something different I would have made the sex scene more awkward, less me yelling and faces and more of me quite while she was freaking out. just making it really clear that she’s screaming and a “screamer”. Also some jokes were too crude, i spoke about having sex too much in my opinion and talked about jerking off to which is too much for me, i would have taken that out now in retrospect. Also added at the end, just like in the show, that all actions were ficticious and made up. The fact  that it was the first time i’ve ever done stand up or acted given the responses I think i did a good job, and i may consider doing more. These 2 projects were a great way of finding the filmaker in me and help me organize and strategize how to do things in the future. The ideas I have with my friends could potentially be something kind of popular like a channel or something so I’m glad I had this experience and I’m glad it was with this class.


The Experimental Video With Bea (Thoughts)

Overall i think it was a decent job, we could have done more, i could have done more individually as well. We tried to get cool shots, some ewere boring but i think the overall idea of everything was nice. We got our point across i just wish I had more to do with it seeing as it was Bea’s idea and her shots and her editing. Not to say that i had no choice in things Im just saying it was primarily hers. 

Development 2

We were shooting The Island in my house with my script while i directed things. Max and sacha were camera operators, my friend adam was the boom operator. and the rest were actors. My friends just came over and i assigned them rolls on the spot. We got my baby cousin to be the baby and my aunt to be the aunt, wasnt that difficult. There were only 2 days of filming when shooting this movie.


For Nudie, we did the sex scene first awkwardly in my moms bed while she watched. and the scene that followed in the entrance way. The stand up was filmed on another day at Dawson, and the opening scene was filmed another day at night on Decarie. The filming went really smoothly everyone was having a good time and fit their role nicely.

There were no rough spots in shooting, only that we feel the island took too long to shoot. Other than that things were smooth, shooting and editing wise.

Development 1

Every thursday me and my friends would get together in the cafeteria and pitch script ideas. The Island was already an idea for about a year for me, so that idea was an automatic do. We tried coming up with 2 other movie trailer spoofs. We wrote one called The Status Quo about a man who writes Facebook statuses that people act out the next day mysteriously.


    We ended up just coming up with the idea when my friend harrison blurted out “instead of louie nudie” then I came up with the scenarios and dialogue. I winged the final stand up and some lines were improvised which in my opinion gets the feel better.

We started shooting November 15th some shots in my house for the island and then continued bit by bit every thursday. We rapped everything up the 29th of November.

Media Production

1. We determined that we’ll shoot some contracting shots between different animals, foods, objects, vehicles etc. and make them react similarly bringing to motion the theory of entanglement.

2. We’re going to shoot an egg, some animals, an airplane and others and make them react similarly.

3. Nothing really inspired me it was an idea we formulated over conversation.

4. An airplane crash, and a hurricane.

5.http://youtu.be/1FH-q0I1fJY Right when I saw this video I was completely enthralled and interested, it was so different and unique. It gets more and more entertaining the more you rewatch it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MjTb5A68VA&feature=related This one freaked me out when I first saw it, so open to interpretation could mean anything. Or nothing.

http://youtu.be/FVemNLOwCJ0 This is also a great one by Kid Cudi and Shia Labeouf you don’t really understand what they’re doing but it’s incredibly intertaining.